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The organisation of the BAA is in branches, after the founder/president Jaap Horst led the BAA alone for 10 years. There are 4 branches, one for the USA, and 3 in Europe; France, the UK and the Netherlands, as these are the countries where there are approximately 10 members or more. All branches work closely together, and there is only one Newsletter, Pegasus. Hopefully this can be published in French as well as in English.

the representatives for each country are:

  • USA; John Mellberg,
  • France; Frederic Gasson,
  • UK + Ireland; Paul Nickalls,
  • Netherlands; Jaap Horst (president of the BAA), and Martijn Visser;
You can contact any of us in case you're interested, or if you have any questions.


The main method the BAA works is by interchanging information, especially among the more active members of the association. Developments are presented twice a year in the newsletter Pegasus.
Then there are public meetings, of which we have had only a few, but more are being planned.

Further ahead are the publication of a book about the Bugatti 100P airplane, and maybe one about the aircraft engines as well. Of course, the ultimate activity will be the construction of a replica of the airplane.


Some of the people now involved with research of the Bugatti Airplane are:
Michael Firczuk (USA) has been taking measures of the plane during the restoration process, a friend of his is entering all data in a sofisticated computer simulation system to verify the performance potential and stability during flight. He also is documenting the configuration and function of the unique onboard systems.
Jean Louis Arbey from France has access to some of the original spare parts for the plane, which he is extensively studying
Frederic Gasson (France) is actively pursuing the build of a replica airplane, in France. He started a project involving 4 university studies doing simulations and windtunnel tests on the airplane
Jaap Horst (Netherlands) Just a Bugatti enthusiast with an enormous interest in the non-automotive constructions of Bugatti. I would love to see the airplane fly however, and see if Bugatti would have beaten the Germans in the air at least, if he had had the chance! I did write a couple of articles on the subject, for the Bugatti revue. I then had various reactions from all over the world, in the beginning mainly Jean Louis Arbey, Michel Hanser and Michael Firczuk, so I decided to bring all these enthusiasts, who did not know eachother yet, together in one organisation, the BAA. Already at that time I was dreaming about a possible replica, but was well aware that one average mortal could not accomplish that on his own!


Membership of the Bugatti Aircraft Association is open to anyone, the contribution is only 15 for European members (20 for "overseas" members). For this you not only receive the biannual newsletter Pegasus with a wealth of information, but you also will become part of a club which is very active, and will organise more and more interesting meetings and happenings. Subscription form

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