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Founded November 1997

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The Bugatti 100P record plane Book

September 26, 2019
Beyond the Blue - Support a documentary about the Bugatti 100P record plane

For several years Ladislas de Monge and Pierre de Bellefroid have been working on a documentary movie about the history of an unusual plane, to pay tribute to those who have conceived and built it. Announced for a long time, this film about the racing aircraft "Bugatti 100P" is nearing completion. To finish "Beyond the Blue", they need your help to complete the post-production. For this purpose they have started a crowdfunding campaign. The "Kiss Kiss Bank Bank" platform is used, for which you will find the link below:

A Facebook "Beyond the Blue" page is also open to follow the evolution of the project and the current financing:

In advance we thank you for your help, it is expected that the achievement will be presented in the spring of 2020.

The Bugatti Aircraft Association is the association of enthusiasts of the Bugatti airplane. However, also the other aircraft constructions of both Ettore Bugatti as well as Louis de Monge have our attention. The Belgian de Monge was the chief-designer of the airplane, in service of Bugatti.

The BAA has reached more or less a steady audience, with currently about 85 members from all over the world (Brasil, USA, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and more)

Thirtyfive issues of the club magazine Pegasus have been released, containing various articles about the plane, and the ongoing research into its history. All this info has cumulated into a book on the Bugatti 100P and other aviation constructions both by Ettore Bugatti as well as Louis de Monge. This book, after two years, had 900 copies sold, and a second addition appeared.

The articles in Pegasus will NOT be published on the Internet, as we are convinced that it will not be possible to really start a club in the anonimity of the Internet. Thatīs the reason why the BAA is "entirely" an off-line club of Bugatti lovers.


The goal of the Bugatti Aircraft Association is to increase and spread knowledge about the Bugatti plane, with as a final goal to make possible the build a flying replica of the original design. This replica may be build either by individuals or by the BAA itself. Apart from the interest in the Bugatti airplane also the Bugatti Aircraft engines and the airplanes these were used in, as well as the airplanes designed by Louis de Monge are subject of study for the BAA.

The goal of the Bugatti Aircraft Association was reached in 2015 , when Scotty Wilson, from Oklahoma, USA flew the replica airplane which he had been building since 2009. Disaster struck a year later, when the 3rd flight of this replica airplane ended in a crash, killing the pilot and builder of the replica, and destroying the airplane completely.

Drawing on the right of this page: Steve Tournay

The combined efforts of the BAA culminated in one fantastic publication:

The Bugatti 100P record plane

Created by Ettore Bugatti and Louis de Monge

Jaap Horst

ISBN : 978-90-8616-123-2
Language : English
Format : 220 x 285 mm
Pages : 220, hardcover
2nd Edition
Approx. 400 photographs and drawings
Published by: Violaero